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mat tMotion Analysis Technology by Taylormade is state of the art technology that raises swing analysis to a different plane.

The MAT-T system uses 3D motion reality via 6 high speed cameras to gather crucial swing statistics and creates a sophisticated three-dimensional image of the body, viewable from any angle. This information is critical to the coach to accurately identify aspects of the swing that need correction, thus eliminating potential injury and maximising swing performance.

Feel a Tour Pro's True Swing

With this system, a golfer can step into a tour pro's do and know. It provides powerful, effective, and immediate feedback that sticks. The system archives your swing to provide immediate data that can either be used to “step in” to as well as track and measure progress over time. This is ideal for the beginner who is keen to progress quickly. 

The Ultimate in club-fitting, the MAT-T ensures a perfectly fit set of custom clubs.


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