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sam puttlabThis technology analyses the 28 most important aspects of the putting stroke which are graphically displayed in easy to read format.

The data reveals precise information on individual strengths and weaknesses and as some of the data that is collected by the SAM PuttLAB cannot always be picked up by the naked eye, this information is un-paralleled for prescribing the correct practice drills to perfect the putting stroke.

Your putter will be attached to a device that reads your putting stroke and feeds the putting movement into a computer which translates the stroke into data that that is easy to understand.

This information helps the player understand their putting stroke by showing the following:

  • Where you strike the ball on the putter face
  • Path of stroke
  • Face rotation
  • Putter face and impact
  • Timing graphs

This data will explain what causes your missed putts. The professional will then prescribe correct drills to practice to improve the accuracy of your putting.

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