Gap Tests

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Regardless of skill level, a Gap Test is necessary for every golfer.

A gap test establishes which club will be selected from the bag for each shot in the game, thus making for effective course management and lower scores. A GPS or Range Finder is used efficiently when the golfer knows exactly how far their ball will travel with each and every club in their bag. 

Using Foresight Sports GC2 technology in a climatically controlled environment, we determine how far the ball carries and the total distance, dispersion, launch angles and descent angle, etc. The test on each club is done over 5 balls to obtain accurate information. With this data we determine the exact gap between each club.



  • We would establish if there is too much of a gap between the clubs i.e. pitching wedge hits 100m and the sand wedge hits 80m, a gap wedge that hits 90m would be needed to complete the set in the bag.
  • We can determine whether the golfer has the correct clubs/shafts for their game.
  • It eliminates guesswork and gives the player the confidence in club selection during a game. 
  • The player would know how far their driver carries, perfect for carrying hazards or bunkers or laying up.
  • The player will discover which Titleist ball benefits their game most.
  • Detailed results are emailed to the player to study at their leisure.
  • Each golfer receives a bag tag with their gap test results for easy reference during play.
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