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25th Anniversary Queen Bee 6 Plumbers Neck Putter


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Introducing the fifth putter of our 25th Anniversary Commemorative line, our ever-popular Queen B 6. This 363-gram Limited Run QB6 features a Tour Blast finish and FIT over Flymill face. The unique combination also features a highly sought-after one-piece milled Plumber’s neck, offered for the first time on a Queen B 6 head. The heel features an open Hex milling with Roman numerals “XXV” to emphasize the significance of this milestone putter, while the sole showcases a floating hex pattern and the bumpers include a “1/250” engraving to mark its limited quantity. This classic Bettinardi wide-body blade features a minimal paint scheme of royal blue and white and comes paired with a Royal Blue leather 25th Anniversary headcover and a Navy Blue 25th Anniversary Gripmaster perforated leather grip with white stitch back.

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