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Bettinardi Black Limited Edition Queen B 14 Men’s Putters

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Bettinardi is excited to offer our exclusive 2023-2024 Queen B Series in a very special Glossy Black PVD finish,
paired with a Black PVD Shaft, Black Lamkin Sink FIT grip, and murdered-out black matching Queen B Headcover.
The world of putting evolves as the all-new Queen B 14 makes its debut to the 2023-2024 line. As a compact
crossover between blade and mallet, the heel and toe were finely milled with wider radiuses that sweep down
effortlessly into the back flange, blending the heel and toe together for softer visual cues and an unbelievable
new appearance. The elongated flange along with the contours on the heel and toe promotes optimal visual cues that help frame the ball for a more precise visual at address. The QB14 features a high-toe topline and one-piece milled Slant neck which provides 1/4 toe-hang, perfect for golfers with a slight arc in their putting stroke. In working with the world’s best players and extensive R&D, we are proud to debut our new Mini Honeycomb™ Face Milling. This face utilizes an 8% smaller machine tool on the face of the putter in order to provide the softest Honeycomb™ face to date while accentuating the beauty of the Honeycomb™ design. The Queen B 14 head features a one-piece milled 303 Stainless Steel that offers a more durable, responsive, and solid-feeling putter for supreme performance.

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