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Sub Seventy 004 Mallet Black Putter


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Sub 70 putters are produced using the most advanced technological methods and without regard for manufacturing cost, because they are that important. Every Sub 70 putter is CNC milled from a solid billet of 1045 carbon steel, which through testing we have found provides the best sound and feel combination possible. There are no welds, no castings, and no inconsistencies in our putters. The faces themselves are double milled, with a tour face design that provides the perfect roll on all but the most off-center strikes. Our putters are heavier than average, which we believe offers better feel and roll on average, and promotes a better putter swing. Finally, each putter is matte carbon black in both the handcrafted putter shaft and the head to reduce glare and offer outstanding ball to head contrast.

Stroke stability and ease of visual alignment are perhaps the two most important aspects of a putter. After all, the ability to align the putter face correctly and strike the ball squarely down one’s line is a near categorical imperative for making putts. The Sub70 Sycamore 004 Mallet is our take on a classic design that is a proven winner for both amateurs and tour players. The alignment wings provide cup width reference guides, while a white sight line provides the visual cue needed to not only start the putt on line, but hit the middle of the face every time. The 004 comes with 15 gram weights in the heel and toe, but ships with two 5 gram, two 10 gram, and two 20 gram weights to allow the player to dial in the exact swing weight and arc shape to suit every individual stroke. As with all of our putters, the Sycamore 004 Mallet is carved from a billet of solid steel, with a deep milled face and unmitigated quality and craftsmanship throughout.

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Dexterity Right Handed
Length 35


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