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Sub Seventy Pro Tour Only Black Men’s Fairway


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The Sub 70 Pro Tour Fairway is the product of two years of conversations with a number of gentlemen that play at the highest levels on the highest tours. Months of back and forth resulted in this highly advanced, true player’s wood. The Pro Tour fairway woods are for the low handicap golfer, and the differences between this model and standard fairway woods illustrate that fact. Lower lofted than a typical three wood at 14 degrees, with a face that is open two degrees and a flatter than average lie angle of 56 degrees. The four wood and five wood come in with 16.5 and 19 degree lofts, both have faces built two degrees open, and have lie angles that are a half degree flatter than comparable models. If you are looking for confidence at address, you can stop searching. Someone wise once said that the key to success in golf is the elimination of one side of the course. To that end, the Pro Tour Fairway has five grams of additional toe weight, to assist in avoiding the left miss. For golfers who need consistency, ball speed, and protection against the hook, the Sub 70 Pro Tour
fairway woods are a perfect match.

Additional information

Flex Stiff
Dexterity Right Handed
Fairway Loft / Number 3w,4w


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