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Sub Seventy TAIII Milled Forged Men’s Wedge


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Designed by the iconic Tommy Armour III, Sub 70 is proud to bring to the market the PGA Tour winner’s personally designed wedges. Fashioned with adaptability and versatility in mind, the fully milled sole excels in all turf conditions and shot types, from full shots to the most delicate flop shot. Additionally, the newly optimized laser grooving process allows the addition of micro grooves between the main grooves of the face, improving spin and providing precise distance control.

SATIN – Satin finishes are the most popular finish in golf, allowing the beauty of the club to stand on its own. Elegant and timeless, satin finishes maintain themselves effortlessly, and will show beautiful face wear when kept for years.

Additional information

Dexterity Right Handed
Loft 50,52,54,56-Low Bounce,58,58-Low Bounce,60-Low Bounce
Finnish SATIN


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