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TaylorMade US Open Limited Edition 2022 Staff Bag


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The Boston Tea Party helped inspire the Revolutionary War, and it also serves as the main inspiration for this design. The unique tea-stained finish represents the more than 300 chests of British tea that were dumped into the Boston Harbor in the winter of 1773.

Scripted onto the upper of the bag is the date “April 18, 1775,” signaling the night Paul Revere left Boston on horseback to warn that the “Redcoats are coming!” One if by land, two if by sea. Both lanterns he carried to signal his fellow Americans are illustrated on the valuables pouch.

Following the historical timeline, the ball pouch was inspired by the uniforms worn by American patriots during the ensuing Revolutionary War. The rivets are made from brushed bronze and have subtly placed TaylorMade logos.

Venue-inspired features include the “246” in the upper pocket as a nod to the 1913 champion, Francis Ouimet, who lived on the 17th hole at 246 Clyde Street. The house still stands to this day, with the championship returning to the historic country club for the fourth time.

A hard-wearing medallion and bricks around the base pay homage to the Freedom Trail, marked by 16 historical locations throughout Boston. The frosty beer glass is a nod to one of the region’s most recognizable breweries.

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