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Why fitting and lessons go hand in hand in Improving your golf.

As experienced coaches at Wanna Be A Champion Golf and Fitness Academy, we have seen clearly, what we had expected, to see in ur students overall performance l, in tournament conditions, after Wanna Be a Champions collaboration with The Golf Lab, since their inception 18 Months ago,

WBAC works with many new and experienced golfers looking to develop or improve their game, at our Academy we take great care in making sure  that the correct areas of the game are assessed- when it comes to fault finding, and developing solutions, to assist in improving, the specific need of the individual, often times resulting in our students needing to go for a fitting, to develop their individual potential. An example that I would like to discuss, is having a ladies student shorter than average height playing with clubs that are a standard length, resulting in a weight and dynamic lie issue at impact and a lack of control of the swing length, due to this combination applying unnecessary forces to the individual, many compensations were formed which resulted in a risk of injury, once the given students fitting was complete, the body responded in a profound way, leaving the student in a confident space for her future development plan we had set out.

There are many points that we could make about, weight and stiffness, of the shaft, loft and lie angles of the club heads, not to mention grip size, The Golf Lab has all the necessary tools to assist you to check your equipment selection, leaving room for you to focus on your skill set and strategy development.

Witten by Shaun Botha @ Wanna be a Champion

About the Author:
Sean Botha is a Class AA PGA Professional. Qualified 2010 as a PGA Professional of South Africa with 16 Years teaching experience in the golf industry. He has been working with Wanna Be A Champion Golf And Fitness Academy since 2018, with 1 Professional Victory. He gives lessons to any level of golfer from beginner to professional. 

“At our academy we love to assist our students to understand their body and how that affects their style, as well use the newest technology to aid in the improvement of our students.”